Starminer - The Game

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Starminer has a new homepage. See it here!

Here’s the updated trailer of Starminer, as of January 2017:

Starminer, the game I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last few months, is almost ready to release. Now, I only need to make some minor tweaks and create a lot of new levels, and then ship it!

Starminer is an action/arcade game where you control a ship that’s collecting orbs while trying to avoid being shot by the enemy ships patrolling each level.

Playing Starminer

To help you with this task there’s several powerups you can pick up during the game. These powerups will gradually become available as you progress through the levels. Here’s a list of all the powerups.


There’s 7 differently coloured orbs, each of these colours has a different energy level, so when you mine a purple orb, it will become indigo, which in turn when mined will become cyan, green, yellow, orange and finally red. When you mine a red orb, it will disappear from the screen. In addition to these coloured orbs there’s the dark orb, which explodes when you touch it.

Coloured Orbs

If you finish each level before the time runs out, you’ll get an extra life, but you must play a perfect round, keep your finger in the afterburner button the whole time, and use every trick in the book, if you want to get that extra life!

The game will first be released for iOS, later for Androind, and later possibly for other platforms later. Meanwhile, here’s a video with some game play footage:

Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do!