Starminer Updates

Marco Lopes bio photo By Marco Lopes Comment

I guess it’s about time I’d give an update. I’ve recently returned to the development of Starminer, after a very long pause, during which I was focusing on other things, amongst them, becoming a father.

During this last phase of development, I’ve decided to write frequent updates explaining what I’ve been up to, and how that affected the progress of Starminer’s development.

During the next few days, I’ll be writing the story of Starminer so far, going as far back as 2014, when I started developing the game, and when it looked like this:

StarMiner in 2014

Although the game looked much different from what can be seen today, the core engine, and most, if not all the game mechanics were already there.

I’ll go into it in more details in the next couple of days.

Until then!