StarMiner's first screen-shots

Marco Lopes bio photo By Marco Lopes Comment

A few weeks ago I started working on a game which I called StarMiner. The game features a twitch style of gameplay born out of an idea of making a game inspired on the 1981 classic Solarfox, and the fact that I couldn’t find anything like it, except for a pygame based game called Solarwolf, about 10 years old now, that I couldn’t make it run on my computer. You control a ship, and have to collect energy from these electricity wells. As you collect energy from the wells, the colour of the lightening emitted, changes. Purple lightnings are the stronger ones, they’ll become yellow which will then become blue.

To make things interesting there’s a protection bar at each end of the screen shooting at you, and to help you there’s a few power-ups that can show up from time to time. The game is still in early development, as thus not all the power-ups are implemented, and the graphics are horribly made by me. I hope at some point to get some nicer graphics done by people with more talent than me for this kind of thing.

Meanwhile, here’s a screen-shot of the game.